Goodbye Information Technology Conferences, Hello Regional Forums

Posted by Dave Schwab on November 30, 2017
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We’ve all been to those large conferences where you feel like a minnow in an ocean of IT Professionals, amongst a giant advertisement with vendors yelling as you walk by.  While the bells and whistles of the booths in the convention center are quite impressive, in the age of information where social media alienates people, we need to find ways of making true connection more prevalent.  Regional forums have a larger platform than ever, creating opportunities to be strategic in what is said and who attends.  Why not speak with tech execs, whom are on your same level, to grow your personal brand of intellectual property.

Here are 5 reasons why I recommend regional forums rather than attending a large conference.

2-Day Session: Most 2-day forums are less than 48-hrs out of the office.  At a 4-star resort, the accommodations make for a comfortable experience, to cultivate the best conversation. Bonus perk: flights, car service, and accommodations complimentary.

Senior level executives:  Having C-suite executives from Global 5000 and Fortune 1000 companies bring expertise to the educational environment—adding insight into how to find solutions to your respective IT challenges.  There is no better way to gain insight into uncharted waters of progress, than to hear it from the leaders who have gone before you.

Pertinent Content:  Content written from IT consultants, thought leaders, and former executives -- people who understand the nature of the industry, how to equip executives with the concepts needed to handle the evolution of the nature of IT.  Surveys from attendees, before and post-event, can shape the curriculum based on the involvement of the individuals.  Round-table discussion creates a safe place for open discussion.  Don’t you want an event by you and for you?

Regional Area Networking: By keeping the zone of attendees to smaller sections of regions versus the whole country, you can meet executives that work in companies indigenous to your state and industry. For example, an event in the southeast or Florida may be more bent towards the hospitality and tourism industry. Look for an event with 50 Executives versus 12,000 attendees.

Collaborative Solutions: Inviting solution providers to present on relevant topics generates unique perspectives and use cases for those looking for ways to help aide in IT transformation and are there to answer questions on how such solutions would fit.  You will have to ability to ask these providers about their product, face-to-face in an agnostic setting.

In closing, why spend a week out of the office as just a number in a sea of people at the larger conferences, when you can culture true connection, better strategic networking, and relevant topics on the thumb of the pulse of the IT Industry?  To learn more about SINC’s regional conferences, view the full event calendar here.

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