How a Sociology Major became a Key player in Connecting IT Executives

Posted by Raven Adan on December 14, 2017
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Ever since I could remember, I have had an extreme love for people.  So much so that when I arrived at college I decided to major in sociology -- the study of people.  Humans are interesting creatures -- the way they think, what has led them to think the way they do, or their levels of rational is so fascinating. This mindset and fascination for people is why I have my current career, not only working with people of all ages, backgrounds, religions etc., but I connect them!

More specifically, IT executives. It’s my calling….no seriously.  There’s NOTHING more rewarding than connecting a CIO of a college in Tampa, who is having difficulty being innovative in his department to a CIO of a college in Ohio, who has maximized innovation, watching the relationship grow and develop into a peer relationship that helps both. Helping people is a passion of mine, no matter how big or small, I take great pride when people walk away from SINC Dinners with value.


My company, SINC, hosts round table dinner discussions in cities across the country. We pick a 5-star or Michelin rated restaurants, for the best dining experience to go along with the amazing conversations that take place.  The purpose is to provide a space for the exchange of ideas, information, and techniques; to cultivate the open exchange of ideas in multiple categories, as they relate to everyone’s respective roles in technology.  Imagine having an exquisite (and complimentary) meal with fine wine, talking to people who are struggling with the issues that you are – you’re no longer alone.

Invitations are extended to IT Executives from mid-market companies to Fortune 500. Titles range the full spectrum in seniority from directors to C-level executives. And a multitude of industries. We do so to help construct the most diverse conversations which creates the highest value of conversation.  

I have learned that even though all of these attendees have careers in IT, an executive from a Finance company, who may be more mathematically inclined and left side thinking will approach an issue with logic and reason; while an executive from a retail company who may be more right brained will approach that same topic with emotion and creativity, throwing all logic out the window.  Bring these two types together and many options and endless possibilities are created! I have witnessed it first hand and it is truly amazing!


One of my recent attendees said it best “I think this was a good event, provided opportunity to meet with IT leaders across industries, not just education.  The open discussion was invaluable.  I sometimes feel alone in the challenges I face, but this event revealed a common thread of issues no matter the industry.” – IT Director, Laser Spine Institute

Where do we find these people you might add?  SINC has a team which I lead, that searches for the innovators in the IT world, those truly passionate about what they do. People excited and sometimes frustrated about what the industry’s future holds.  Those wanting to voice their opinion, be involved and create the dialogue that is needed so desperately in the IT Industry. With technology evolving so rapidly we can’t get ahead alone.  We need these conversations and dialogues to happen with our peers, and not just the ones we work with.  So if you are reading this and you’re an IT Executive, hope to see you at the next one! 

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