How a Sociology Major became a Key player in Connecting IT Executives

Posted by Raven Adan on December 14, 2017

Ever since I could remember, I have had an extreme love for people.  So much so that when I arrived at college I decided to major in sociology -- the study of people.  Humans are interesting creatures -- the way they think, what has led them to think the way they do, or their levels of rational is so fascinating. This mindset and fascination for people is why I have my current career, not only working with people of all ages, backgrounds, religions etc., but I connect them!

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Posted by Makayley Lindsey on November 8, 2017

AUSTIN, TX – November 8th – SINC USA is proud to announce the official Diamond Sponsorship of Microsoft for the WEST IT Leaders Forum in December 2017.  SINC is a leader in hosting custom B2B Executive Dinners and Forums for the IT Leader community across North America.

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